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Operating room at Agnews state hospital in San Jose Cal.



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Liam Neeson for GQ, April 2014

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David Bowie, Berlin, 1977, for Low.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there a difference between Outside and Earthling Bowie, appearance-wise?
allthenobodyppl allthenobodyppl Said:

It’s a bit hard to tell some times, but usually Outside Bowie had fluffier blond hair and Earthling Bowie had stiffer, spiky orange hair. Outside Bowie tends to have a bit of a natural light blond colored goatee, there are times when Earthling Bowie dyed his goatee darker. These two eras tend to blend together, so it can be hard to tell.

Outside Bowie:

Earthling Bowie:


Bob Dylan and David Bowie

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1993, by Anton Corbijn  (for Max Magazine)