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like it anyway fuck the haters. like the post, maintain eye contact, establish dominance
allthenobodyppl allthenobodyppl Said:

I THINK I SHALL! YES! THANK YOU, ANON! My Facebook buddies can all feast their eyes on greatness, mwahaha.

I was going through Facebook and I almost liked this post…then everyone I’m Facebook friends with would have seen me liking this image of a shirtless David Bowie, in a dirty loin cloth…extremely well hung. Ahahaha…that would have been a little awkward to explain.

Friends: Dude, wtf?



Portrait heads on Dollshe Pure (70 cm), all customization by me.

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me too blanche

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DB  1999.Nov.16 Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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David Bowie  and  Ryuichi Sakamoto 

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It can be a guy, girl, hot, not, I am interested, I am not interested, mean, nice, even a little toddler just say one word to me and my face goes FWOOM, I turn five shades of the deepest red possible. I hate it, I look so weird. And dumb. Here I am, in class, answering some random dude’s question about the homework and I look like my head is going to pop with all the blood rushing to it. Ugh.