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So it was a no-go on trying to find Bowie filming in NYC because I have absolutely no idea of the location, and he might even be finished filming by now since those paparazzi pics were taken yesterday.

Although, good news, Uniqlo currently has some BOWIE SHIRTS! There was some sort of contest to design t-shirts and these are the finalists. The white Ziggy one won artist’s choice, so this might mean that Bowie picked it as his favorite (or Uniqlo did, I have no idea).

These shirts seem to be official, check out the tag! From THE DAVID BOWIE ARCHIVE! Makes me feel all yay about it XD.

For those that wants to buy some of their own, they are men’s shirt, so make sure you go looking in the men’s printed t-shirt section! They still had plenty of XXS, XS, and S so if you’re a girl and want it, you will fit lol. My size is a men’s XS. XXS is incredibly tiny and didn’t fit me.

  1. magicalsillage said: According to the Daily Mail they were filming at the American Legion building. I’m kinda jealous you get to be in the same city as those two, I’m not even on the same continental plate.
  2. brokennecksfeatherweights said: thanks for taking these! i wanted to get one at least and I def know i like the neon one the best now that i see it modeled! i hope it fits me cos i’m an xs in girls haha.
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  5. soswishy said: omg these are so cute, i am always on the lookout for bowie shirts with nice designs! thanks for sharing.
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